Our name comes from the filament in the light bulb, the one that Thomas Edison found after searching more than a thousand metals. It's a unique metal, one that can absorb a lot of energy, and translate that energy into light.

And it's that light that you need to go about your business; whether that’s at home or in your commercial or industrial premises.


Tungsten Electrical was founded by Conrad Smith and is based in New Zealand’s coolest little capital, Wellington. Conrad is a registered electrician with years of experience in domestic, commercial and industrial electrical work.

Conrad started his career as an engineer in the NZ army. Some of the highlights of his time are from his travels around the world providing peace keeping services. Conrad spent time in Tuvalu following a cyclone to help with the clean up, East Timor during political unrest and Afghanistan, to support local police officers during their civil war. It was when he was based in Afghanistan, working alongside an electrician, that he realised his passion for the electrical industry. When he returned home it was time for a new challenge, and that’s when he started his journey to become an electrician.

Conrad has a real passion for what he does, which is clear when you meet him. He's hardworking, reliable and is always smiling.

Conrad would love to hear from you about any work that you need done. You can get in touch with him by clicking the button below.